Chemicals Production and Operation

In 2017, we produced 11.61 million tonnes of ethylene and 4.625 million tonnes of PX, up by 550 thousand tonnes and 290 thousand tonnes, respectively. The proportion of new and specialty products in synthetic resin reached 63%, up by 1.6 percentage points; that of high-value products in synthetic fiber rose to 29.4%, up by 3.7 percentage points; that of highvalue products in synthetic rubber was 24.7%, up by 4.2 percentage points.

Production and operation realized stable growth.Close coordination between production and marketing was made with dynamic optimization. We paid close attention to the stable operation of flagship equipments, conducted ethylene crackers contest, eliminated potential hazards and pushed forward debottlenecking. For the whole year, reliability rate of ethylene facilities reached 97.49%, up by 1.33 percentage points, and unscheduled shutdown was lowered by 2 times and 23 days.

Structural adjustment continued to evolve.In feedstock structural adjustment, targeting at maximizing input-output efficiency, we adopted dynamic optimization and ethylene yield rate for the year was 66%, marking a new high. In product slate adjustment, supported by technological innovation, we deepened the integration between production, marketing, research and application and optimized manufacturing among enterprises and workshops based on product types and grades. The replaced import volume of three major synthetic materials reached 210 thousand tonnes. In facilities structure adjustment, we focused on benefits of the entire product chain, shifted from “shutdown to reduce loss” to “increase production and profit” by reasonably scheduling the operation and shutdown of facilities.

Good progress was made in coal chemical projects.Utilization rate of major facilities in Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Chemical Co. (Ningxia Province) increased significantly. The company accumulatively produced 1.40 million tonnes of chemicals and generated 2.95 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, up by 45% and 23%, respectively. Its sales revenue was 3.26 billion yuan, up by 82.4%. Zhongtianhechuang Project was put on steam and went into commercial operation. For 2017, it produced 4.51 million tonnes of chemicals and 14.98 million tonnes of raw coal, and realized 3.59 billion yuan of sales revenue. Zhongan United Coal Chemical Project fully recovered construction with all of its major units for chemicals being constructed. Accumulative progress reached 58.01% of its overall schedule. Preparatory work for Guizhou Zhijin Coal-to-Olefin Project and Xinjiang Coal-to-Gas Project continued to advance.