Integration of Informatization and Industrialization

The company firmly seizes historic opportunity of the new S&T revolution and industrial transformation, actively address the requirements of the national information strategy, accelerates deep integration of informatization and industrialization, vigorously promotes intelligent manufacturing, actively fosters new forms of “Internet+”, strives to build a national benchmark, and injects strong driving force into pattern shift, structure adjustment, and improvement in quality, efficiency and upgrading.

Promoting smart manufacturing and innovation in production and operation.The company successfully developed ProMACE, an intelligent manufacturing industrial cloud platform, created “platform + service”, a new mode of industrial internet application, and completed design of Smart Factory 2.0. The smart factory construction was in a leading position in domestic process industry, and many achievements were recognized by various ministries. Maoming Petrochemical Smart Factory Pilot Project and Zhongyuan Puguang Smart Gas Field Pilot Project were selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “2017 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project”. “Petrochemical Industry Smart Factory Solution” was selected as “2017 Integrated Demonstration of Manufacturing and Internet Finance”. “Localization of Large Intelligent Aromatics Plant Construction Project” was selected as “2017 Smart Manufacturing New Model Application Project”. PCITC was named among “First Batch of National Smart Manufacturing Solution Suppliers Recommended List.” Yanshan Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical, and Jiujiang Petrochemical all deepened their applications of smart factories, which enhanced production efficiency and economic benefits. The transformation and upgrading of the production and operation command system of Sinopec headquarters was completed,which provided support for timely command of production dynamics, overall planning, and emergency support.

Actively nurturing new business of “Internet+”, and promoting innovation in business service model.On April 18, 2017, China's largest e-commerce platform for industrial products, EPEC international service platform (English website) was officially launched. It was selected as “2017 Demonstration Project of Manufacturing and Internet Finance Integration” and was listed one of the 8 key deliverables of BRICS cooperation in 2017. The annual turnover exceeded 130 billion yuan. “Chememall” (chemicals sales e-commerce) was committed to integrating vertical industry chain between upstream & downstream and horizontal supply chain among enterprises so as to achieve efficient interaction from factory to customer end, and aid the supply-side structural reform. In 2017, the amount of online transactions increased by 470,000 tonnes, accumulatively increased 78 million yuan. Construction of 95388 unified customer service number was completed, handling customer inquiries about fuel card, chemical products, lubricants, and EPEC. 270,000 incoming calls were received and 5.92 million text messages were sent. The construction and application of unified payment platform was advanced with a variety of payment and settlement methods covering various types of B2B businesses, and funds were transferred in real time through commercial bank accounts, achieving an online closed loop between order flow and capital flow.

Promoting construction of integrated and shared operation and management platform. New ERP construction progresses were made in 11 branches. SEG ERP was put online in 11 domestic enterprises. SSC completed construction of ERP template and put online in its headquarters and five pilot enterprises. We also reviewed and evaluated the ERP progress and results, and further promoted improvement of ERP application in enterprises. The shared service platform was improved, which supported integration of finance, human resources and IT. The promotion and application of electronic bidding for engineering projects was strengthened, which realized full disclosure of key business links in project bidding, full track of historical information, and whole process supervision.